• Mariah’s NYE 2017 Performance

    Everyone’s trashing Mariah’s performance. It was crappy but… If you have not sung in times square or something as big in front of hundreds of thousands of people with a live broadcast with no time to rehearse (this could be one strike for her, she has history, but we never will know) then just let’s keep quiet…?
    She pulled her ear-monitor after done with the first song (I guess because she wasn’t planning on singing that one) and realized that she couldn’t hear a thing without the ear monitor. Did you realize that she kept looking for it?
    So my questions are… 
    1) Did she have time to rehearse but just didn’t? Or no time?
    2) Where were the stage monitors? Any Plan B?
    People hate lip syncing, so do I. But there’s a huge difference between 1) playing the “guide” track and turn the mic off, and 2) having the guide but sing on top of it. Especially in a big situation like this with no room for errors (yea, see how she’s grilled now!. Or Beyonce’s Obama’s inauguration performance that she had to do acapella later to make the point…)
    Let’s be nice(r) to others for the year 2017.

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