• CliffLight’s new single “Satisfy”, Mixed by ST

    The rock/electro/pop band CliffLight released their new single Satisfy premiered on Earmilk site.

    Mixed by me, fully ITB and both online/onLocation mixing process.
    It started with online, the producers were somewhere fancy in the world listening to the stream while I mixed. Skype session to go over tweaks. Then finalized onLocation, they joined the party at my home studio with some bottles of beer to wrap up.
    I always prefer face-to-face communication but hey, some folks call Skype a face-to-face so either’s good.
    Both processes work well for me, and outcome is great.
    Here’s the youtube link. Check out.
     Plug-ins used are some UAD, Waves, Slate Digital, Softube, and Avid plugs with some others. I’ll post de-mixing video soon.

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