• Analog vs Digital -Console Emulation Overview

    This is one of not-so-great videos I made.

    Why? Because this topic is JUST TOO HUGE!! There are still discussions which sounds better or worse, for what reason. Some people speak from experience, some from knowledge which might be biased.

    I still am too a bit biased and willing to spend $$$ for vintage analogue gear for “better” sound. Maybe true, maybe not. But since we (many of us, if not all of us) can’t afford all the fancy vintage compressors, EQs, or just a big ass SSL or Neve or API consoles, we all need to come up with a solution right?

    So what’s the solution? Step one is to know what Analog hype is all about. Three components.

    • Saturation
    • “Coloring”
    • Cross-talk (bleed between tracks)

    Let’s find out how we recreate this in digital world!!

    Well, you don’t need to do anything. It’s already done.

    Check out NLS from waves and VCC from Slate Digital. These two plug-ins emulate the scenario that you lay out all your tracks to a big console faders or run all digitally mixed tracks to analog summing boxes.

    The effect is subtle. You won’t hear the difference with just one instance. Until you put them on many tracks.

    You feed one sound source to one fader of a console and say “Geez, this sounds awesome!” right? It’s rather the combination and sum of the subtle sound changes. Remember #3 of components I mentioned above?

    Waves has a few days of trial period, so does Slate Digital. Especially for Slate Digital, you can subscribe on a month-to-month bases with no obligation so you can use it for one project to try out.

    Remember, this is just first step of many.

    Vintage analog gear sound amazing. True that. But I don’t believe you can’t have a great mix because you don’t have those. The thing is, it’s not easy. This console emulation is just the starting point. What you do from here is what matters the most.

    Well, as I said in the beginning, this is a huge topic. I can build a full semester course for a college, probably. I will post videos about Analog vs Digital stuff time to time as a record, and to see how it evolves.

    In my opinion, Analog still wins with ease to get to where you wanna go. You get to pick the right frequency, right amount of gain, right amount of compression, easily using your “feel”. Digital? You need to nail down then numbers. You have to be way more precise. In order to translate you “feel” into computer, you should be able to digitally control the plugs, way better and smoother operation than most of control surfaces out there.

    Softube Console1 is one of game changers, to move digital closer to analog. But, that’s fir another post.

    NLS and VCC videos coming soon. Stay tuned.

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