• Give your 2mix extra boost with this plug-in on stereo bus

    This is something I keep in my mix template.

    Have you ever experienced, that you spent hours fine tuning the tracks and balancing all the sounds, only to find out that your mix doesn’t even compete to the commercial mix?

    Before I found this technique, I felt like this all the time. Tried different techniques I learnt online, from friends, or mentors over and over again, just to get disappointed from the result.

    Someone told me that you need parallel compression to make your track thick and dense. Other told me to work more on EQ for each tracks. I also heard adding distortion can improve the track.

    Applying all above techniques accordingly is equally important, but adding this technique to your master fader makes your mix sounds like a “record”.

    Try this out. As far as I know, at least 5 A-list mixers/producers use this technique.

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