• New from waves, Cobalt Saphira. Another analogue power in digital field.

    Waves released a new plug-in last month.

    Usually there’s a sneak peek of soon-to-be-released plugins, but this time they kept quiet about this new plug-in.

    Not fully clear yet, but they seems to be working on a series of plug-ins that they call “Cobalt” and from my understanding, Cobalt series will be analogue emulation kinds.

    First of the series, Saphira

    This analog-modeling trend surfaced a few years back, when people started seeing the needs of in-the-box mixing approach for the change in music industry. Instead of everyone sitting in a studio, work separately and go through multiple revision processes.

    That made working on analog console and outboard gear very difficult, because it takes longer to recall the analog set up than artists send you revision requests.

    Multiple manufactures started working on COPYING and REPLICATING already existing analog gear, including waves, universal audio, slate digital, etc., etc., etc.

    From analog compresser emulation, to console channel strip emulation, EQ, Stereo Bus compression, tape emulation, list goes on.

    Waves has been, and will be innovative. 

    In 2012, waves released Non-Linear Summer NLS which emulates the experience of large format analog console mixing, by emulating subtle but key element of the analog sound like harmonic distortion, cross talk between tracks.

    THAT, was a game changer. I’ll write a blog about it soon.

    Combined all knowledge from experience

    Waves released multiple analog emulation plug-ins, NLS, Kramer series, Artist series, Classic console collection, etc. And using all the data from analysis, they released Cobalt Saphira.

    I call Saphira, Master piece of waves analog knowledge. 

    See the video for the details.

    Instead of emulating a specific analog gear, Saphira lets you emulate ANY analog sound by allowing specific and detailed control over harmonics. You have control over EVERY SINGLE harmonics.

    Check out, I think they are still running intro price.

    Leave a comment about what you think, you may thing it’s too subtle for the $$$, you may think it’s a life saver.

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