• Sam from CliffLight shows his use of Ableton Live

    How do you start your song?

    When talking about writer’s block, I’m always having it. Always seeking for inputs but it’s not easy to come up with something new and cool all the time. Buying sample packs inspires me, and reason I use Native Instruments Maschine is because it gives me inspiration whenever I play with it.

    Sam from CliffLight uses this technique.

    If you use Ableton Live, you should try this technique out. I was chatting with my buddy Sam from CliffLight, keyboardist/producer of the band, about the use of technology to help songwriters. He showed me “Slice to MIDI” function, on a cappella file!

    Ableton Live Slice to MIDI

    If you use Ableton Live and sampled something before, you probably have used this function. But most of the time, it’s on Drums, or entire truck just to change tempo of the song.

    Sam uses this technique differently, by randomly slicing A Capella track and change pitch of it so it generates chord progression (if you are talented like Sam who can hear that chord progression…)

    Short and simple trick but worth trying if you are craving for the new idea!

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